"Mediterranean Fish Species Threatened With Extinction"

"PARIS — Mediterranean fish, including bluefin tuna, sea bass and hake, are in danger of extinction from overfishing, marine habitat degradation & pollution, according to a report Tuesday from the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

In all, more than 40 species of Mediterranean fish are endangered, the organization said in its list of threatened species.

Almost half the species of Mediterranean sharks & rays are facing extinction, the conservationist organization said, with the cartilaginous fishes making up 14 of the 15 species it considers critically endangered. The 15th is a bony fish, the common goby or Pomatoschistus microps, which the group said has had its population decline an estimated 80 percent over the past 10 years, mainly from damage to its habitat and incidental capture."

David Jolly reports for the New York Times' Green blog April 19, 2011.


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Source: Green (NYT), 04/20/2011