"Manufacturers Make PFAS-Free Food Packaging Recipe Available To All"

""We want other manufacturers to take this and join us to eliminate the PFAS" from food packaging."

"Two American manufacturers unveiled a new recipe on Thursday for PFAS and plastics-free packaging for everything from burgers to salads, in a bid to make takeout food more sustainable and safer for consumers.

While the companies—Zume and Solenis—are not the first to design a grease-resistant, PFAS-free food container, this is the first time that manufacturers have open-sourced such packaging technology.

"Open sourcing our PFAS-free solution creates a path for brands across the world to remove plastics and harmful chemicals from their consumer packaging and single-use goods," said Zume CEO and Chairman Alex Garden in a prepared statement, adding that this will allow fast food companies to "deliver on their promises" to remove PFAS from food packaging."

Elizabeth Gribkoff reports for Environmental Health News August 13, 2021.

Source: EHN, 08/13/2021