"EPA OKs Weedkiller ‘Cocktail’ With New Wildlife Protections"

"EPA yesterday approved new seven-year registrations for two widely used weedkillers, adding "robust" label restrictions to protect endangered species.

The environmental agency extended the registration of Enlist Duo, a combination of glyphosate and 2,4-D that farmers use to work around the resistance weeds have developed to one treatment or the other.

It also approved a seven-year registration for Enlist One, which is just 2,4-D. Both chemicals, made by Corteva Agriscience, are designed for use on crops genetically modified to withstand them, as well as on conventional crops. The new registration and related documents are posted in a docket at Regulations.gov.

In approving the herbicides, EPA said it was providing farmers with certainty for the coming growing season, given that the registrations were otherwise due to expire this month."

Marc Heller reports for E&E News January 12, 2022.


Source: E&E News, 01/13/2022