"Biggest Solar Collapse in China Imperils $1.28 Billion: Energy"

"Investors stand to lose most of the $1.28 billion they put into Suntech Power Holdings Co. after the solar manufacturer said it wouldn’t resist a bankruptcy petition filed in China."

"The company, based in Wuxi, outside Shanghai, had more than $2 billion in debt and defaulted on $541 million in bonds due on March 15, prompting eight Chinese banks to ask a local court to push Suntech’s main unit into insolvency.

'There’s a host of companies that have gone to Wall Street investors and gotten billions of dollars, and these investors are ultimately going to be on the hook and get nothing out of it,' Angelo Zino, an analyst at Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC in New York, said in an interview yesterday."

Ehren Goossens and Justin Doom report for Bloomberg March 21, 2013.


"China’s Solar Billionaire Undone as Banks Push Suntech to Brink" (Bloomberg)

Source: Bloomberg, 03/21/2013