"Biden Visits Site Of The Train Derailment That Became A Culture Battle"

"EAST PALESTINE, Ohio — President Biden arrived here Friday, more than a year after a train derailment that caused an environmental disaster and a political furor, attempting to focus on the steps his administration has taken and to lay the blame on the train company.

“While there are acts of God, this was an act of greed that was 100 percent preventable,” Biden said, criticizing Norfolk Southern, the company that operated the train. “We were pushing railroads to take more precautions, to deal with breaking, to deal with a whole ranges of things that were not dealt with. Norfolk Southern failed its responsibility.”

Biden touted work that the administration did in the aftermath of the fiery collision that unfolded in early February 2023, including cleaning up the site and continuing to test the water, soil and air for toxins.

“We’re not going home, no matter what, until this job is done. And it’s not done yet,” Biden said. “There’s a lot more to do. … We’re going to stay until the very end, until every need is met.”"

Matt Viser and Erin Patrick O'Connor report for the Washington Post February 16, 2024.


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Source: Washington Post, 02/19/2024