"Biden EPA, Climate Budget Ask Starts Debate: Jobs Vs. Deficits"

"President Joe Biden’s bold spending proposal for the EPA and climate programs could sway skeptical Republicans if it can be framed as a way of juicing the economy, some environmentalists and energy analysts said Friday.

But at least one Republican predicted that Congress’ fiscal hawks probably won’t look kindly on Biden’s expansive view of government spending.

Biden’s proposal for fiscal 2022 contains huge proposed investments that cut against orthodox Republican thought, such as a 21.3% increase for the Environmental Protection Agency and an additional $14 billion for government-wide climate programs.

The tumult wrought by the coronavirus pandemic—along with the massive outlays of congressional spending to alleviate it—also might change Republicans’ minds about using the federal purse to help communities in need, according to Matthew Davis, legislative director at the League of Conservation Voters."

Stephen Lee reports for Bloomberg Environment April 9, 2021.


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Source: Bloomberg Environment, 04/12/2021