"‘An Abomination’: The Story Of The Massacre That Killed 216 Wolves"

"In Wisconsin, hunters are allowed to use hound dogs to kill wolves. In the midst of a politically volatile context, activists are now filming the hunts to raise the alarm"

"The woods were full of the sounds of snowmobiles and baying hounds. A group of perhaps a dozen hunters had gathered to give chase to big game along a frozen creek in north-eastern Wisconsin.

Hound hunting, chiefly for black bear and coyote, is a popular pastime in this part of the state. But the houndsman who emerged from the hemlocks onto a snowy road around twilight held a different kind of trophy.

Flanked by a half-dozen of his buddies clad in ball caps and snow boots, the man hugged an enormous gray wolf to his chest, its head lolling against one shoulder and its tail nearly touching the ground.

The scene, captured on video by an environmental group known as Wolf Patrol, occurred on the opening day of last winter’s wolf hunting season – the first since the gray wolf was removed from the endangered species list by the Trump administration last fall."

Nate Blakeslee reports for the Guardian July 27, 2021.

Source: Guardian, 07/28/2021