20 Farming Families Use More Water From Colorado R. Than Some Western States

"Tens of millions of people — and millions of acres of farmland — rely on the Colorado River’s water. But as its supply shrinks, these farmers get more water from the river than entire states."

"As the Colorado River snakes through the deserts of the Southwest United States, its water is diverted to cities, states, tribes and farmers along its course.

Drought, climate change and growth have taxed the river in recent decades, and the federal government has called for cuts in usage. But the water still flows.

... ProPublica and The Desert Sun found that a majority of the water consumed by farms in the valley goes to members of just 20 extended families."

Nat Lash reports for ProPublica, and Janet Wilson for the Desert Sun, with photos and video by Jay Caldero, The Desert Sun, November 9, 2023.


"The Historic Claims That Put a Few California Farming Families First in Line for Colorado River Water" (ProPublica/Desert Sun)

Source: ProPublica/Desert Sun, 11/13/2023