"Coal-Ash Sites Polluting Water, Report Says"

"At least 31 more coal-ash impoundments across the country -- including two in West Virginia -- have been found to have polluted nearby groundwater, wetlands and streams, according to a report issued Wednesday by two national environmental groups. The report brings to more than 100 the total number of sites where coal-ash disposal has been linked to contamination of water supplies with toxic pollutants including arsenic, cadmium and selenium."

Source: Charleston Gazette, 02/25/2010

EPA To Tackle Stormwater Runoff

"Across the country, stormwater runoff hammers thousands of rivers, streams and lakes. Communities are left to struggle with the consequences of too much pavement and too little oversight. Now the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is gearing up to tighten federal stormwater rules that have been criticized by environmental groups and deemed ineffective by a national panel of researchers."

Source: EHN, 02/17/2010

"Spent Ammo's Harm To Environment Is Debated"

"Lead in paint, gasoline and drinking water is prohibited as dangerous for health and the environment. But the material is scattered in abundance outdoors when it comes to hunting grounds and firing ranges. Tons of lead from ammunition can accumulate on the ground over years and decades. No federal law addresses lead containment at outdoor shooting ranges operating around the country."

Source: Nashville Tennessean, 02/12/2010


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