Environmental Politics

April 22, 2010

From Coal to Gas: Whether, When, How

A recent report from the Congressional Research Service indicates that underutilized natural gas plants have the potential to displace some coal plants. The author of the report joins an expert panel to look at the possibilities and questions raised by the idea of coal displacement. An Environmental Law Institute event.


"Saving A Dam To Save Waterfront Homeowners"

Across the country, aging dams are reaching the end of their lifespan, and must be either removed or rebuilt -- at very significant cost. One dam in Minnesota raises issues of public tax dollars being spent to benefit the rich -- and puts a political problem squarely in the lap of aspiring GOP tea-bagger Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Source: DC Bureau, 04/15/2010

Push for NJ DEP To Weigh Economic Impacts Creates Stir

"Should New Jersey's environmental agency play a key role in economic development? New Jersey Environmental Commissioner Bob Martin thinks so, and soon he will appoint an assistant commissioner for economic development -- believed to be a first in the agency's nearly 40-year history."

Source: Asbury Park Press, 04/12/2010


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