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"EPA Wears Many Hats in Sprawling Environmental Justice Initiative"

EPA and Justice Department officials in the Obama administration are putting more emphasis on environmental justice  -- an effort to reduce the greater hazards faced by poor and minority communities. But that job is not easy, especially in the face of industry resistance.

Source: Greenwire, 04/15/2011

"AP: Pennsylvania Accused of Rubber-Stamping Gas Permits"

"Pennsylvania environmental regulators say they spend as little as 35 minutes reviewing each of the thousands of applications for natural gas well permits they get each year from drillers intent on tapping the state's lucrative and vast Marcellus Shale reserves."

Source: AP, 04/14/2011

Walker, Prosser Crushed Regs On Koch Phosphorus Pollution In Wisconsin

Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker's payback to the billionaire Koch brothers who helped elect him went beyond crushing unions to deregulating pollution. According to the liberal blog Think Progress, Walker and state Supreme Court Judge David Prosser worked quietly behind the scenes to allow Koch's Georgia Pacific paper plants to keep dumping thousands of pounds of phosphorus into the Fox River near Green Bay.

Source: Think Progress, 04/14/2011

"GOP Wins Deep Cuts in Environment Spending"

"In negotiating the budget deal that averted a government shutdown, Democrats and the White House claimed a big victory in preventing Republicans from blocking a set of environmental regulations. But as details of the compromise became known Tuesday, it was clear Republicans had won deep reductions in spending at the Environmental Protection Agency."

Source: Wall St. Journal, 04/13/2011
April 19, 2011 to April 20, 2011

Ontario Feed-In Tariff Supply Chain Forum

Building and sustaining the local wind and solar industries of Ontario.


"Koch Bros. Influence Felt in NJ as Gov. Weighs Carbon Market Exit"

"New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is re-evaluating the state's participation in a regional carbon trading program and could opt to withdraw within a few weeks. Observers say the move is expected in response to pressure from GOP legislators and campaigns mounted by groups funded by billionaires Charles G. and David H. Koch."

Source: SolveClimate, 04/12/2011


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