Energy & Fuel

"Interview: A Former CIA Director Talks Oil"

"The current recession has caused the price of oil to drop -- most think temporarily. James Woolsey was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency -- the CIA -- during the Clinton Administration. ... Woolsey has been arguing that, no matter what the price, dependence on oil is a national security problem that we need to solve."
Source: Environment Report, 08/05/2009

"World Bank Puts Hydropower Back Into Favor, NGOs Do Not"

The World Bank is taking a renewed role in hydropower development, driven it part by estimates that the developing world has 1,333 GW of potential and unexploited hydro capacity. Some NGOs, however, don’t believe large scale hydropower is the answer for rural electrification and say the World Bank's number would be much lower if negative social and economic impacts were taken into consideration.
Source: SolveClimate, 07/31/2009


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