"Industry, Regulators Ignored Coal-Dust Meters"

For years, mine safety experts urged the Mine Safety and Health Administration to require coal-dust monitors in mines. Mining companies and MSHA resisted. Now Massey Energy Co. is using the lack of such monitors as an argument to deny charges that it did not do enough to control the buildup of explosive coal dust at its Upper Big Branch Mine, where 29 workers died in a massive blast on April 5.

Source: Charleston Gazette, 09/27/2010

"Gas Blasts Spur Questions on Oversight"

A 2008 natural gas explosion that killed a man in Sacramento "was one example of what many experts and studies say is weak oversight of gas pipelines in the United States, a problem that has contributed to hundreds of pipeline episodes that have killed 60 people and injured 230 others in the last five years. Those figures do not include the final toll of the explosion of another Pacific Gas and Electric pipeline this month in San Bruno, Calif., that left seven people dead and more than 50 injured."

Source: NYTimes, 09/27/2010

Oil and Gas Pipeline Disasters Fail to Spur Bill Bolstering Oversight

"The Obama administration's bid to strengthen federal pipeline oversight is raising questions from environmental groups as well as industry, suggesting that safety reforms could fail to reach a legislative fast track despite three recent high-profile ruptures along the 2.3 million miles of U.S. oil and gas lines."

Source: Greenwire, 09/23/2010


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