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"Energy Industry Sways Congress With Misleading Data"

""The two key arguments that the oil and gas industry is using to fight federal regulation of the natural gas drilling process called hydraulic fracturing -- that the costs would cripple their business and that state regulations are already strong -- are challenged by the same data and reports the industry is using to bolster its position."
Source: ProPublica, 07/09/2009

"Global Deal on Climate-Warming HFCs Hinges on Secret White House Policy"

"Hydrofluorocarbons ... are ... many thousands of times more potent than CO2 as climate warming agents, and scientists say their spread could become as much as 50 percent of the global greenhouse gas problem by 2050. Yet the public is barely aware of the issue, and as the White House works to hammer out its policy, it seems to want to keep it that way."
Source: SolveClimate, 07/09/2009


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