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EPA's Hush-Hush Ground Rules Rile Reporters

The EPA press office continues to ask reporters not to name top EPA officials who participate in news teleconferences and brief journalists. The latest incident, remarked on by InvestigateWest's Robert McClure, was a May 4 briefing on EPA's proposed delay in issuing its coal-ash rule.

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"Something Fishy at Trader Joe’s?"

"Trader Joe’s is known for its Hawaiian shirts, good deals and quirky mix of products—many of which come with environmental claims. But the grocer's eco-conscious consumers are often dismayed to find that it's owned by a global corporation run by one of the richest tycoons in the world. Those in the green business world find it even more surprising that while the company’s stores attract plenty of eco-minded consumers, it spends no money marketing the stores as 'green.' So how did the Monrovia, Calif.–based company that started in 1969 as a chain of Los Angeles–based convenience stores rise to the top of environmentally conscious customers’ lists?"

Source: Sustainable Industries, 05/05/2010

"Stimulus Workers Confront Legacy of Contamination at Nuclear Sites"

The $2 billion in federal stimulus money was welcomed in southeastern Washington, where the government has been working for decades to clean up the Hanford nuclear complex. But newly hired workers on the project may be facing dangers because of inadequate training and precautions for the threat of deadly beryllium dust.

Source: ProPublica, 05/04/2010


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