Climate Change and Coronavirus Panel

Event Date: 
April 24, 2020

The Princeton Environmental Activism Coalition will hold a Climate Change and Coronavirus Panel on Zoom, Friday, April 24, 2020, at 4:30 p.m.

Sign-up is required. The panel will be recorded and uploaded afterwards.

In this panel, we’re asking questions such as:

  • How can we rebuild our economy after this economic downturn in a more sustainable way? Is this an opportunity to shift away from fossil fuel use following the epidemic?
  • What are the ethical implications related to health for both climate change and COVID-19?
  • What role does the media we consume play in how we view both of these existential threats?


  • Stephen Pacala, Frederick D. Petrie Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University and co-director of the  Carbon Mitigation Initiative. Professor Pacala is also the chair of the National Academies effort to create alternative policies needed to implement sustainable technologies and to mitigate adverse societal impacts of climate change, especially in light of the coronavirus epidemic.
  • Kian Mintz-Woo, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton University in the University Center for Human Values and the Princeton Environmental Institute. He will speak about the role of science and the public in the contexts of the climate, as well as the pandemic and broader questions about the role of health and society, especially with respect to guaranteeing health to the worst-off.
  • Meera Subramanian, Currie C. and Thomas A. Barron Visiting Professor in the Environment and the Humanities. Professor Subramanian is a US-based journalist who writes about culture and the environment for newspapers and magazines around the world.

The panel will include a short introduction from each of our guests, followed by a Q&A session. Come with your questions!

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