New Service Launches Today On SEJ.Org

December 5, 2001

Visit today and every day for SEJ's all-new information service designed and run by SEJ members: A free news digest -- where every weekday you can find a selection of the most interesting new stories on environmental topics in print and on the air,breaking-news headlines updated throughout the day, and a library of prize-winning stories. The service has three components:

  • EJToday: An annotated selection of links, updated every weekday morning, to some of the best new environmental stories in newspapers, magazines and newsletters and on television, radio and the Internet. In addition to the story links, viewers see a brief description of each story, author contact information, and links to relevant background documents. An archiving system allows users to search for past articles by subject, author and geographic area. SEJ members are encouraged to submit stories here and to nominate work for The Gallery, described below.
  • Breaking E-News Headlines: Links to fast-breaking news stories from Washington, D.C., Ottawa, New York or wherever else environmental news is happening, updated throughout the day.
  • The Gallery: SEJ's permanent library of the best of our profession. A searchable archive of major series, special projects and other extraordinary reporting, including many prize-winners.

Editor for SEJ's new service is Randy Edwards. Edwards is a longtime SEJ member-volunteer, former environmental reporter and editor for the Columbus Dispatch, who now heads the Columbus bureau He edits SEJ's daily news digest through special arrangement with Designer of the service is SEJ's web guru, Russ Clemings of the Fresno Bee, along with SEJ board member Dan Fagin ofNewsday, and SEJ staff. For now, the service is accessible only through, but SEJ hopes soon to offer an e-mailed version of EJToday that would (at your invitation) arrive in your mailbox five days a week.

Edwards and staff are combing the Internet every day for suitable stories. But the service's ultimate success will depend on the active participation of SEJ members and everyone else who produces or appreciates environmental journalism. The service can only reach its potential as the go-to place for the very best environmental reporting every day if YOU are on the lookout for good stories, too. SEJ's hope is that more and more people who use the service will nominate their own newly published work, their colleagues', or anyone else's top-quality stories that are accessible on the web. The e-mail form for submitting stories is short and easy to use, so participating is simple and fast.

SEJ hopes you'll want to visit and try out this new service today - and every day. If you like what you see, please talk about it with your editors, students you know, and colleagues who cover environment-related issues of business, health, science, politics, community, international relations, transportation and other beats. Let them know that they will find something useful in SEJ's Web site every day.

The Society of Environmental Journalists is dedicated to improving the quality, accuracy and visibility of environmental reporting. Founded in 1990 by a small group of working journalists, SEJ now has more than 1,100 members in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and 22 other countries. SEJ is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.


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