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SEJ's 33rd annual conference takes place April 3-7, 2024, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania. Below, you'll find multimedia coverage provided by SEJ, UPenn, our multischool Student Newsroom, volunteers and conference attendees.

All available video and audio recordings are posted below. Note: Some recordings had poor audio quality due to technical issues or speakers not using the microphones.

Additional coverage:

It's critically important to SEJ to gather evidence on the impact of our work. So we're tracking stories inspired by or informed by our conference in Philadelphia. The stories don't have to be about Philly or Pennsylvania; they can be based on sources or ideas you got from being at the conference. Please help us to keep SEJ strong and share links, photos, copies of reporting generated or informed by this conference. Send your story links to Cindy MacDonald, SEJ's Web content manager. It's never too late. Please send yours! Moderators, speakers, tour leaders: We also welcome resources, tipsheets, etc., from sessions or tours that you wish to share.

Panel Moderators, Tour Leaders and Speakers:

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Wednesday, April 3
Thursday, April 4
Friday, April 5
Saturday, April 6
Sunday, April 7
Miscellaneous conference coverage (includes pre-conference and multi-session stories)



Wednesday, April 3


Workshop 1. Policy at a Watershed Scale: Local Lessons, Collective Solutions


Workshop 2. Combating Climate and Science Disinformation

Disinformation workshop lunchtime discussion with Michael Mann, author of “The New Climate War” and one of the climate scientists at the center of the trumped-up “ClimateGate” scandal, and Kathleen Hall Jamieson, author of “Cyberwar,” “Creating Conspiracy Beliefs,” “Democracy Amid Crisis” and numerous other books. © Dale Willman.


Workshop 3. Covering the Energy Transition: Who Wins, Who Loses?


Opening Program: Welcome to Philly!


Thursday, April 4


All-Day Tour 3. Delaware Water Gap: Taken Land, Water Wars and an Uncertain Future


All-Day Tour 4. Delaware’s Holy Trinity: Balancing Environmental Justice in Cities, Farms & Beaches


All-Day Tour 5. Revolutionary Raptors: Hawk Mountain’s Role in Equity and Ecology


All-Day Tour 6. From Farmbelt to Pinelands: The Hidden Rural Lands (and Stories) of New Jersey


All-Day Tour 7. Stay or Go? Development vs. Open Space on New Jersey’s Ecological Jewel, the Delaware Bayshore


All-Day Tour 9. Energy in the East: Offshore Wind, LNG and Who Gets To Say “No” to Development


All-Day Tour 10. Fighting for Clean Water: From Benjamin Franklin to Water Woman


Afternoon Tour 11. The Energy Underneath Your Feet — Princeton’s Massive Geo-Exchange System and Transition to Net-Zero


Friday, April 5


U.S. EPA Administrator Michael Regan Keynote and Q&A

Jennifer Hijazi, Senior Reporter, Bloomberg Law and U.S. EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. Copyright: © Dale Willman. See more photos of this event on our public Flickr page.


Concurrent Sessions 1. Making Obscure Animals and Ecosystems Compelling Main Characters


Concurrent Sessions 1. A Just Transition for Oil Towns


Concurrent Sessions 1. Communicate, Don’t (Just) Infuriate: Strengthening How Climate Journalism Converses With the World


Concurrent Sessions 1. Eat Local, Just Transition and the Search for Holistic Food System Solutions


Concurrent Sessions 1. Using Emerging Data and Climate Science to Better Cover Wildfire Smoke’s Effects


Concurrent Sessions 1. Working With Whistleblowers


Concurrent Sessions 1. Hydrogen: Climate Solution Or Climate Distraction?


Concurrent Sessions 1. Unpacking Rural Reporting: How Can Environmental Journalists More Fairly Represent Rural Communities?


Concurrent Sessions 2. On the Move


Concurrent Sessions 2. How the Essential, Dirty Steel Industry Is Going ‘Green’


Concurrent Sessions 2. What Type of Dataviz for What Type of Information?


Concurrent Sessions 2. Cutting Through Carbon Capture Greenwash


Concurrent Sessions 2. Big Costs, Sweeping Changes: What To Know About the IRA and IIJA


Concurrent Sessions 2. From the Margins to the Mainstream: Rethinking Environmental Justice Coverage


Concurrent Sessions 2. Care and Community As a Climate Solution


Concurrent Sessions 2. Covering the Environmental Impact of War


Lunch Breakout 1. Rethinking Environmental and Climate Journalism Education


Lunch Breakout 2. DEI Green 2.0 Report


Opening Plenary. Election 2024: How Will Climate Change Matter?


Sponsored Beat Dinner. At Your Doorstep: Covering and Attributing Climate Impacts in Your Community


Saturday, April 6


Mini-Workshop 1. Next-Level Community Engagement: Tools and Strategies for Growing Environmental News Audiences


Mini-Workshop 2. Crafting Impactful Environmental Narratives: Leveraging Communication Science, Visuals and Technology in Storytelling


Mini-Workshop 3. Beyond Climate Change: Reporting on the Global Polycrisis, Its Roots and Solutions


Mini-Workshop 4. Nearby and Far Away: What Local Reporting and Global Investigative Collaborations Can Learn From One Another


Mini-Workshop 5. Covering Plastics: At the Tipping Point


Mini-Workshop 6. How To Turn Environmental and Disaster Data Into Stories


Mini-Workshop 7. Using Public Records To Follow the Money in Environmental Stories


Mini-Workshop 8. Decarbonizing Transportation: A Reporter’s Guide

  • Audio recording of Panel 1. How to Cover Electric Vehicles in Your Community (01:05:23 / 30.0MB).
  • Audio recording of Panel 2. The Rise of Walkable Cities: Covering Public Transit and Micromobility as Climate Solutions (01:04:44 / 29.7MB).
  • Event description.


Lunch Breakout 2. Decarbonizing Transportation: A Reporter’s Guide (continued)


Closing Plenary. Battling Disinformation, Fending Off Despair and Staying Relevant: What’s the Future for Environmental Journalism?


Mini-Tour 2. Urban Hiking: Explore Wissahickon Valley Park


Mini-Tour 8. The Philly Heat Pump Lab: Electrification, Efficiency and the Home Energy Transition


Sunday, April 7


Breakfast, Books and Birds


Miscellaneous conference coverage (includes multi-session and 'informed-by-the-conference' stories)


Topics on the Beat: