Young Climate Activists Face Another Challenge: Fear Of The Future

"Young people coming of age in an era of climate disasters are trying to channel anxiety about the planet flooding and burning"

"Mitzi Jonelle Tan was a child when a typhoon knocked out the electricity at her home in Manila for days.

“When it was finally safe enough to step outside, all the big trees I grew up with were uprooted, and I cried,” the 23-year-old Filipino activist said. “I was practically born into the climate crisis.”

That’s what scares her the most. “I know what it looks like, and I know it will get worse,” she told The Washington Post. “And it’s like, ‘Will people care? Will they react?’ ”

She’s not alone. From school strikes to the halls of power, young activists have turned the world’s focus toward climate change. They have rallied the largest protests in decades for the environment and brought it to the forefront of elections."

Ellen Francis reports for the Washington Post September 16, 2021.


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Source: Washington Post, 09/17/2021