"Will Pope Francis Inspire Climate Activism Among Texas Catholics?"

"Despite reports of U.S. Catholics’ largely positive reception to Pope Francis’s beginning campaign on the issue, not everyone is optimistic that the Catholics of Texas will suddenly start trying to shut down their local coal plant."

"Thirty-something Yasmina M. Parra Codina claims affiliation with several religious traditions. She’s a member of an Aztec dance troupe committed to maintaining a connection with indigenous traditions of pre-colonial Mexico. She’s found meaning in the teachings of Chinese Taoism. And she attends a Unitarian-Universalist church in San Antonio, where she has found kindred spirits in her concern for the global environment and fighting climate change.

One tradition she doesn’t feel a connection with is Catholicism, the religion she was baptized into.

“I’ve connected to these different philosophies because they have social justice as a mainframe,” she said. “In terms of social-justice movements here, I don’t see a strong Catholic voice.”"

Greg Harman reports for Texas Climate News July 6, 2015.


Source: Texas Climate News, 07/07/2015