"White House: Trump's Top Economic Adviser Still Supports Carbon Tax"

"President Trump's top economic adviser is not backing away from his belief that a carbon tax would be an effective way to address greenhouse gas emissions.

Kevin Hassett, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, has expressed support for a carbon tax for years. In 2007, he wrote that it would be a "no regrets policy" that could address climate change without harming the economy.

Hassett co-authored a paper in 2007 as a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute with Steven Hayward and Kenneth Green, both of whom were AEI fellows at the time, to tout the benefits of using a carbon tax to reduce corporate and income taxes and to cut greenhouse gas emissions. That would be less damaging economically than a cap-and-trade program, they said."

Scott Waldman reports for ClimateWire March 20, 2019.

Source: ClimateWire, 03/21/2019