"Whale Meat for Sale on Amazon.com Japan"

"LONDON -- More than 145 food products derived from whales, dolphins and porpoises are for sale on Amazon Japan, the wholly owned subsidiary of Internet marketplace giant Amazon Inc., according to a new report by the nonprofit Environmental Investigation Agency."

"In 2011, EIA investigators purchased whale products from Amazon Japan, including canned whale meat, whale jerky, whale bacon and whale stew, some from endangered species. Many of the products were found to be contaminated with toxic mercury at levels far higher than Japan's allowable limit.

The report, 'Amazon.com's Unpalatable Profits,' was published [Tuesday] in co-operation with Humane Society International. The groups also released a short campaign film urging consumers to tell Amazon chief Jeff Bezos to 'immediately and permanently ban' sales of all cetacean food products."

Environment News Service had the story February 21, 2012.

UPDATE: Amazon Pulls All Whale Meat Products (ENS)


Environmental Investigation Agency site

Source: ENS, 02/22/2012