Water Shortage Leaves Poorer Mexicans High And Dry In Coronavirus Fight

"EL YUGUELITO, Mexico - In the shade of a rust-colored hill, a dozen women gathered on a dusty road to fill buckets from a water tanker truck that pulled up to service their modest community built on a former Mexico City dump.

Grappling with the largest public health crisis in modern times, Mexican health authorities battling to stem a jump in new coronavirus infections have made the phrases “wash your hands” and “stay at home” their mantras.

But that is easier said than done for those mired in poverty without access to clean water.

“With the water shortage, they’re saying wash your hands. But how?” said 42-year old Erika Casasola, a resident of the El Yuguelito barrio, part of the sprawling, working-class borough of Iztapalapa on the southeastern edge of Mexico City."

Anthony Esposito reports for Reuters April 24, 2020.

Source: Reuters, 04/27/2020