"U.S. Sets Steep Final Duties on Chinese Solar Panels"

"The United States on Wednesday set steep final duties on billions of dollars of solar energy products from China, but turned down a request from lawmakers and U.S. manufacturers to expand the scope of its order."

"Chinese solar manufacturers criticized the decision, adding more heat to the U.S.-China trade relationship following a congressional panel report on Monday urging American companies not to do business with two Chinese telecommunications companies because of security concerns.

"Unilateral trade barriers will not make any one company more competitive, but will make solar less competitive against other forms of electricity generation," said E.L. "Mick" McDaniel, managing director of Suntech America, a division of one of China's biggest solar manufacturers."

Doug Palmer reports for Reuters October 10, 2012.


"U.S. Will Place Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels" (New York Times)

Source: Reuters, 10/11/2012