"U.S., Mexico Sign Rio Grande Water Agreement"

"Officials from the two countries settled a water-sharing dispute."

"U.S. and Mexican officials settled a water dispute that had been simmering for several months and led to protests by Mexican farmers concerned about water access.

Mexico is obligated under a 1944 treaty to deliver to the United States a set amount of water from the Rio Grande and its tributaries over a five-year period. As the end of the most recent period approached in late October, Mexico was behind on deliveries for a second consecutive cycle.

The last-minute agreement signed on October 21 settles the conflict. Mexico will transfer ownership of water stored in two border reservoirs to the United States to make up the deficit. Because the water is already in the reservoirs, this is an accounting move.

“We appreciate the efforts by Mexican government officials to fulfill their treaty obligations on time,” said Jayne Harkins, U.S. commissioner of the International Boundary and Water Commission, which oversees the treaty. “This agreement sets us on a path to improve Rio Grande management in the future to the benefit of both countries.”"

Brett Walton reports for Circle of Blue November 3, 2020.

Source: Circle of Blue, 11/04/2020