"Trump’s New Regulations Chief to Oversee Major Rule Rollbacks"

"President Donald Trump, heading into what may be his most consequential year for rolling back restrictions on companies, is counting on Paul Ray, a lawyer with a history of representing oil and gas interests among others, to lead his regulatory affairs office.

The easy cutbacks on rules are long gone, leaving agencies to slash at Obama-era regulations that took years of data, analysis, and lobbying to put in place. Automakers are rebelling against plans to ease emission standards for cars, while environmentalists are shredding the analysis supporting less stringent air-pollution rules.

At the same time, Trump agencies are losing legal challenges to their initial rule delays about 95 percent of the time, according to a tracker maintained by the New York University School of Law."

Cheryl Bolen reports for Bloomberg April 15, 2019.

Source: Bloomberg, 04/17/2019