"At Tribal Summit, Biden Says He’s Working To ‘Heal The Wrongs Of The Past’"

"WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden told Native American nations gathered for a summit Wednesday that his administration was working to heal the wrongs of the past as he signed an executive order that seeks to make it easier for Indigenous peoples to access federal funding, and have greater autonomy over how to spend it.

Biden also threw his support behind a request to allow Haudenosaunee Confederacy to compete under its own flag in the 2028 Olympics in lacrosse, a sport they invented.

Historically, federal policies attacked Native people’s rights to self-governance and caused lasting economic damage. Biden said the actions at the summit were “key steps” that would help usher in an new era of tribal sovereignty. “A new era grounded in dignity and respect that recognizes your fundamental rights to govern and grow on your own terms,” he said."

Colleen Long, Susan Montoya Bryan and Hallie Golden report for the Associated Press December 6, 2023.


"FACT SHEET: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces New Actions and Historic Progress Supporting Tribal Nations and Native Communities Ahead of Third Annual White House Tribal Nations Summit" (White House)

Source: AP, 12/07/2023