"Toxic Fumes Are Released From Burning Train That Derailed in Ohio"

"The authorities ordered residents living near the site in eastern Ohio to evacuate on Monday as the chemicals were drained to reduce the risk of an explosion."

"A rail operator on Monday released toxic fumes from several derailed train cars that it said were at risk of exploding in East Palestine, Ohio, after the authorities ordered residents on both sides of the state’s border with Pennsylvania to evacuate to avoid a deadly threat.

The train derailed on Friday night, with 50 of its 100 cars running off the tracks, igniting a fire that left much of the town in smoke and prompted repeated calls for evacuation.

“We are ordering you to leave,” Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio said on Monday at a news conference. “This is a matter of life and death.”

He added that there was “grave danger” of inhaling fumes from chemicals produced by the release, which the authorities identified as phosgene and hydrogen chloride. In high concentrations, both chemicals can cause severe and life-threatening respiratory issues."

Christine Hauser and Livia Albeck-Ripka report for the New York Times February 6, 2023.


Source: NYTimes, 02/07/2023