Tour Of 'America's Amazon' - Flora, Fauna And Glimpses Of Alabama's Past

"On a bright November morning, the writer and photographer Ben Raines launches his fishing boat into Mobile Bay, the city's skyline visible in the distance.

'Right on the doorstep of this big American city, we have one of the largest intact wilderness areas in the country, certainly one of the largest wetland wilderness areas,' he says, pulling away from the dock.

His boat is at the top of Mobile Bay, where a confluence of freshwater rivers flow into the salt marsh and eventually drain into the Gulf of Mexico. It's known as the Mobile-Tensaw Delta.

'Coming out in a boat in the delta, you may as well be in the Amazon,' Raines says. 'It's just so seductive.'"

Debbie Elliott reports for NPR December 6, 2020.

Source: NPR, 12/07/2020