"Sudan Asks U.N. Security Council To Meet Over Ethiopia's Blue Nile Dam"

"KHARTOUM - Sudan asked the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday to meet and discuss a dispute over a giant dam being built by Ethiopia on the Blue Nile, a government statement said.

Ethiopia is pinning its hopes of economic development and power generation on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), while the two downstream countries - Egypt and Sudan - are concerned about it and seeking a binding agreement on the filling and operation of the dam.

Egypt relies on the Nile River for as much as 90% of its fresh water and sees the dam as an existential threat. Sudan is concerned about the operation of its own Nile dams and water stations."

Khalid Abdelaziz and Mahmoud Mourad report for Reuters June 22, 2021.

Source: Reuters, 06/23/2021