"States Ride Shotgun With California to Rev Up Clean Cars Rules"

"Nearly one-third of states are poised to adopt California’s new clean cars rule to fully phase out new gas-powered vehicle sales by 2035.

The change could have a sweeping impact on the 17 states signed onto California’s vehicle standards and the car market across the country. In total, those states make up roughly 40% of nationwide auto sales.

California and its followers still need a waiver under the Clean Air Act from the Environmental Protection Agency to carry out the new regulation, know as Advanced Clean Cars II.

Already, officials from states including Washington, Oregon, and Vermont expressed plans to adopt the California standard by the end of the year. New York indicated in a meeting ahead of California’s adoption vote that it aims to follow.

Massachusetts and Virginia—with trigger laws on the books that bind the states to California’s vehicle rules—also are set to join."

Zach Bright reports for Bloomberg Environment September 2, 2022.

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 09/02/2022