"Solar Helps Texas Carry Energy Load As Heatwave Puts Power Grid To Test"

"State has managed to avoid rolling blackouts amid three-digit temperatures thanks to its supply of solar power, experts say".

"As a deadly, record-breaking heatwave puts Texas’s grid to the test, renewable power sources are helping the state maintain energy reliability, contrary to some of the state’s lawmakers claims that clean energy is less reliable.

Texas has for more than two weeks been blanketed by an oppressive heat dome, and federal forecasters say there is “no end in sight”. The sweltering temperatures have forced people to stay in their homes with their air conditioners cranked, causing energy demand to soar to record levels.

An atypically large number of the state’s ageing, run-down coal and gas-fired power plants have failed amid the spikes. That’s especially troubling because as the only state in the continental US with its own grid – a decision made to avoid federal regulation – Texas can access very little power from other states."

Dharna Noor reports for the Guardian June 28, 2023.

Source: Guardian, 06/29/2023