"Sodden Britain Ready To Face Climate Change?"

"In a busy world, it’s easy to think about climate change as a far-away problem – one there’s still time to work on later, that’s happening far away from where we live, that will affect our children or grandchildren but not us. That’s gotten a little harder in the United Kingdom this past month, as the heaviest winter rain in more than 250 years has lashed the country into a sodden, leaking mess, and moved worries about extreme weather right up the list."

"Thousands of homes have gone underwater across the country – some of them for the first time in memory. Thousands more families have been evacuated, and the number is expected to rise with extreme winds and more rain in the forecast. At least one person has died."

Laurie Goering reports for the Thomson Reuters Foundation February 12, 2014.

Source: Reuters, 02/13/2014