"Scientists Join Forces in a Hostile Climate"

"In the face of  probes by a state attorney general, hints of  hostile congressional hearings and assaults from  critics in the blogosphere, hundreds of members of the  American Geophysical Union are forming a rapid-response team aiming to challenge disinformation and misinformation deployed in the policy wars over global warming. The  news was first reported by Neela Banerjee of the Los Angeles Times (a  former colleague).

I sent a query about the plan to some of the scientists involved in the effort. The first response is from  Michael Oppenheimer, a professor of earth science and international affairs at Princeton University and former chief scientist for the Environmental Defense Fund. Oppenheimer stressed that the “rapid response” effort will be focused on science, not on policy options...."

Andrew C. Revkin reports in Dot Earth November 7, 2010.


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Source: Dot Earth, 11/08/2010