"Salton Sea Dust, Air Quality to Get Closer Look in California"

"California’s shrinking Salton Sea is getting a closer look scientifically with the state, local air districts, and community groups examining air, water, and even dust from the parched shoreline where water was once plentiful.

The increased scrutiny comes as the state has continuously failed to meet dust suppression and habitat goals set in a 2017 management plan to restore nearly 30,000 acres of the state’s largest body of water by 2028.

The sea spans Imperial and Riverside counties near the Mexican border, where disadvantaged communities breathe some of the nation’s worst air and suffer from high asthma rates. Chronic nosebleeds are also common.

Last year saw some progress, with dust suppression work finished on 755 acres as part of an overall $206.5 million 4,100-acre habitat restoration effort beginning this year. But more is needed at the Salton Sea, which has been plagued by falling water levels, increased salinity, dying fish populations, and exposed seabed."

Emily C. Dooley reports for Bloomberg Environment April 9, 2021.

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 04/12/2021