As Red Tide Grips Tampa Bay, Shrimpers Turn Their Nets Toward Death

"What’s it like to clean up thousands of pounds of dead fish each day?"

"ST. PETERSBURG — Toliver and Jessica Tucker are used to the dark, oily water, the bulging eyes, the gray flesh decaying to a pulp in the city’s bayous.

They have even become accustomed to the smell — God, the smell — of all the rotting fish in gruesome flotillas, victims of a toxic Red Tide in Tampa Bay.

The other day, Toliver saw one inching up the cockpit of the shrimp boat he and his wife sail as contractors in the urgent effort to drag millions of pounds of dead fish from Tampa Bay.

“These canals are sick,” said Toliver, 43. “It’s devastating. I’ve thought about crying.”"

Zachary T. Sampson reports for the Tampa Bay Times July 22, 2021.


"Florida Gov Rebuffs Call For Red Tide Emergency Declaration" (AP)

Source: Tampa Bay Times, 07/23/2021