Record Snowfall, Bomb Cyclone Are Forces Behind Nebraska Floods

"An eerie, thick fog settled over Nebraska and Iowa on Tuesday.

Wisps of moisture drifted up from this winter’s record-setting snow piled along driveways and streets, blanketing cornfields and yards.

The fog was bringing an early warning: a powerful cyclone was arriving.

In popular culture it’s known as bombogenesis, or a bomb cyclone, an epic drop in air pressure that triggers historic weather.

By itself, the moisture-filled storm would not have dealt Nebraska the crippling blow that has occurred. Our harsh, late winter set the stage. When the two combined, they produced Nebraska’s worst flooding in 50 years and worst blizzard in nearly as many years."

Nancy Gaarder reports for the Omaha World-Herald March 17, 2019.


"Flooding in the Midwest: Why the Water Is So High" (New York Times)

Source: Omaha World-Herald, 03/19/2019