"Reality-Show Prospecting Meets Reality in Colorado"

"In the reality TV series 'Prospectors,' gem hunters on a peak in central Colorado face the dangers of high-altitude lightning, rock falls, cave-ins and whiteouts while digging for valuable rocks 'just like their predecessors 150 years ago.'"

"In a more boring reality, these prospectors are also facing the modern-day danger of mining without permits.

This has not been part of the series' story line, but three of the four individuals or families featured in the first season of The Weather Channel reality series have been violating mining laws as they were digging for gemstones on national TV. Two have been cited by state mining regulators and could be evicted from their claims if they fail to get permits. A third has agreed to apply for a permit — after the filming of 18 episodes."

Nancy Lofholm reports for the Denver Post September 8, 2013.

Source: Denver Post, 09/10/2013