"Raw Sewage Blights Once-Idyllic Beaches On Isle Of Wight"

"On the Isle of Wight, one of England's most popular seaside holiday destinations since Victorian times, a pipeline stretches out from the shore to pump raw sewage into coastal waters.

The miles of sandy beaches on the island's northeast coast, packed in summer with tourists and yachting enthusiasts, are nonetheless plagued by untreated waste water from a number of such pipes.

"We are on Ryde Beach. It's my local beach (and) absolutely gorgeous—but there's a discharge point," local mother Chani Kind, told AFP, pointing at the submerged pipeline.

Kind, 40, who is also a spokeswoman for campaign group Surfers Against Sewage, said her son caught gastroenteritis after swimming in the sea last summer."

Véronique Dupont reports for AFP April 4, 2023.


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Source: AFP, 04/05/2023