"Parade Of Powerful Storms To Bring Welcome Rain And Snow To California"

"The heavy precipitation should improve drought conditions and end the fire season in central and northern parts of the state"

"A trio of moisture-rich storm systems are aimed at the West Coast and poised to dump exceptional precipitation totals in parts of California, Oregon and Washington state. Double-digit amounts are possible in some places by the end of the month, making a dent in the region’s prolonged drought-driven water deficit.

Parts of central and northern California have seen record-low precipitation since March, but that’s set to change with the incoming drenching. It’s the start of an active weather pattern leading into the rainy season, which typically starts around November.

“It’s an early start opportunity for us — and it’s a big one,” said Marty Ralph, director of the Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes in La Jolla, Calif.

Many feet of snow are possible in the high elevations of the Sierra Nevada as well, replenishing a depleted snowpack and improving water resource challenges that have plagued the beleaguered area. The heavy rain and snow should also end the fire season in central and Northern California."

Matthew Cappucci and Mike Branom report for the Washington Post October 19, 2021.

Source: Washington Post, 10/20/2021