New Jersey Superfund Site Still Underwater Following Hurricane Irene

"BRIDGEWATER, NJ -- The floodwaters deposited by Hurricane Irene have submerged a chemical dump in Bridgewater — one of the most toxic sites in the nation — raising serious concerns and spurring several dozen contractors into action even though some sections remain 13 feet underwater."

"The first indication of a potential problem arose last week, when balls of tar were detected beyond the protective barriers enclosing the waste site. Pfizer, which acquired the site two years ago and is helping to clean it, said Tuesday the tar balls contained benzene, a highly carcinogenic substance.

State and federal officials said they were inspecting toxic waste storage sites throughout the state — a process likely to be slowed because of persistent flooding and staffing limitations — but they singled out the Bridgewater location, situated on the banks of the Raritan River, as the most pressing concern."

The Newark Star-Ledger had the story September 7, 2011.

Source: Newark Star-Ledger, 09/09/2011