"New Data Reveals Extraordinary Global Heating In The Arctic"

"Temperatures in the Barents Sea region are ‘off the scale’ and may affect extreme weather in the US and Europe".

"New data has revealed extraordinary rates of global heating in the Arctic, up to seven times faster than the global average.

The heating is occurring in the North Barents Sea, a region where fast rising temperatures are suspected to trigger increases in extreme weather in North America, Europe and Asia. The researchers said the heating in this region was an “early warning” of what could happen across the rest of the Arctic.

The new figures show annual average temperatures in the area are rising across the year by up to 2.7C a decade, with particularly high rises in the months of autumn of up to 4C a decade. This makes the North Barents Sea and its islands the fastest warming place known on Earth."

Damian Carrington reportss for the Guardian June 15, 2022.

Source: Guardian, 06/16/2022