Neighbors of NJ Superfund Site Worry About Long-Term Effects

"EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP - Some of the people who live down the hill from Price's Landfill said they were glad to hear the federal government is taking steps to clean up the Superfund site, but after so many years have passed, they wonder how many health problems originated at the contaminated pit.

'My mother died of cancer. My father died of cancer. I have a brother and two sisters who had cancer. My baby sister and myself, we had cancer,' said Luebirta Ames, 72. 'You see, I don't have anything good to say, because when I look at the pit, and I told them the kids were screaming out there on the pit, and all that money they got, they weren't decent enough to put a fence on it until later.'"

Derek Harper reports for the Press of Atlantic City June 8, 2010.

Source: Press of Atlantic City, 06/08/2010