"Mississippi Coal Plant Overuns Show Risks of Carbon Rules"

"Coal’s future is being built in rural Mississippi, and so far this is what it looks like: a $1 billion cost overrun, a stew of legal battles, a revolt by ratepayers and a credit downgrade for the local utility."

"With all those challenges, Southern Co.’s $4.7 billion project in Kemper County may still be coal’s best hope to survive President Barack Obama’s limits on greenhouse-gas emissions.

'It’s a transformative project,' said John Thompson, a director of the Clean Air Task Force, a Boston-based environmental group. 'It will be the largest and cleanest coal plant in the world, but I don’t think it will hold that title for long.'

Clean coal has been a pursuit of industry and government scientists for decades, and its finally bearing fruit in the plant being built about 100 miles east of the state capital, Jackson. Its importance will be highlighted when the Environmental Protection Agency proposes regulations to curb greenhouse gases from new power plants this week."

Mark Drajem reports for Bloomberg September 18, 2013.

Source: Bloomberg, 09/18/2013