"Mining Magnets: Arctic Island Finds Green Power Can Be A Curse"

"COPENHAGEN - In the tenth century, Erik the Red, a Viking from Iceland, was so impressed with the vegetation on another Arctic island he had found he called it “the green land.” Today, it’s Greenland’s rocks that are attracting outsiders - superpowers riding a green revolution.

The world’s biggest island has huge resources of metals known as ‘rare earths,’ used to create compact, super-strong magnets which help power equipment such as wind turbines, electric vehicles, combat aircraft and weapons systems.

The metals are abundant globally, but processing them is difficult and dirty - so much so that the United States, which used to dominate production, surrendered that position to China about 20 years ago."

Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen and Eric Onstad report for Reuters March 2, 2021.


"Factbox: Miners Gear Up Global Rare Earth Projects As Prices Surge" (Reuters)

Source: Reuters, 03/03/2021