Md. Farm Animal Waste Runoff Regulation Lags

"More than four years after Maryland first moved to regulate its largest poultry and livestock farms, nearly 30 percent, or 169 operations, still do not have required state permits mandating measures to control polluted runoff from their chicken houses or feedlots."

"An environmental watchdog group, the Center for Progressive Reform, contends the state is lagging in protecting the Chesapeake Bay from pollution from such large-scale farms. The Washington-based center said in a new report that the state's regulatory effort is hampered by a lack of staff and skimpy inspections. The report maps out every farm's location and how long it's taken to get a permit.

'They're Dragging Their Feet on This for Reasons That Are Not Clear,' Said Rena Steinzor, the Center's President And a Professor at the University of Maryland's Law School. 'None of This Is Backbreaking in Terms of What Is Required.'"

Timothy B. Wheeler reports for the Baltimore Sun's B'More Green blog November 19, 2013.


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Source: Baltimore Sun, 11/20/2013