"Luxury Cruise To Arctic Sails Into Controversy And Opportunity"

"The Crystal Serenity cruise ship is set to become the largest passenger vessel to sail the Northwest Passage with 1,000 passengers, each paying upward of $20,000."

"For the 1,000 passengers aboard the Crystal Serenity cruise ship, climate change has brought a luxurious opportunity: to sail into the history books on the largest passenger vessel to traverse the once unnavigable Northwest Passage.

The historic voyage has never before been possible for such a large ship, but climate change has nudged open the door to the Arctic. The arrival of the massive 820-foot ship and its wealthy passengers (each paying from $20,000 to $120,00 for the month-long journey) has brought a flurry of excitement and tourist income to the remote town of Nome, Alaska. But it has also brought intense scrutiny from critics, who say Crystal Cruises is capitalizing on the destruction of the planet.

“As global temperatures soar, wildfires rage and sea ice levels dwindle to record lows, a luxury cruise company has found a way to make a pretty penny off our rapidly changing climate,” Chris D’Angelo writes for The Huffington Post."

Noelle Swan reports for the Christian Science Monitor August 22, 2016.

Source: Christian Science Monitor, 08/23/2016