"LNG: Obama on Exports -- 'I've Got To Make a Decision'"

"President Obama's comments over the weekend about his looming decision on whether to expand natural gas exports are the clearest indication yet that the White House intends to greenlight broader global sales of U.S. natural gas, a prospect that has attracted strong backing in states that produce or process the fuel while drawing criticism from some environmentalists and from energy-intensive manufacturers concerned that energy costs would dramatically rise as a result."

"'I've got to make a decision -- an executive decision broadly about whether or not we export liquefied natural gas at all,' Obama said from San Jose, Costa Rica, during a forum for business leaders (Greenwire, May 6).

'But I can assure you that once I make that decision, then factoring in how we can use that to facilitate lower costs in the hemisphere and in Central America will be on my agenda,' he continued, speaking as though the outcome of that decisionmaking is a fait accompli."

Jenny Mandel reports for EnergyWire May 7, 2013.

Source: EnergyWire, 05/08/2013