Judge Dismisses Cases Against Flint Water Ex-Officials Per Supreme Court

"A circuit court judge on Tuesday dismissed charges against former state and Flint officials for their roles in the water crisis that gripped the city beginning in 2014. The result had been a likely outcome after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled in June that state prosecutors incorrectly used a one-man grand jury to issue indictments last year.

Felony charges against former Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director Nick Lyon, former MDHHS employee Nancy Peeler, Rich Baird, a top aide to former Gov. Rick Snyder, and other former officials were dismissed by Genesee Circuit Judge Elizabeth Kelly in a written order.

Kelly cited the Supreme Court order in dismissing the cases, issuing a six-page order Tuesday. Kelly had previously canceled a hearing on the cases, instead opting to issue a written order. In total, cases for seven former state and Flint officials were dismissed."

Arpan Lobo reports for the Detroit Free Press October 4, 2022.


"Michigan judge drops charges against 7 ex-state and city officials in Flint water crisis" (Reuters)

Source: Detroit Free Press, 10/05/2022