"Jellyfish Surge in Mediterranean Threatens Environment – and Tourists"

"MADRID -- Scientists across the Mediterranean say a surge in the number of jellyfish this year threatens not just the biodiversity of one of the world's most overfished seas but also the health of tens of thousands of summer tourists."

"I flew along a 300km stretch of coastline on 21 April and saw millions of jellyfish," said Professor Stefano Piraino of Salento University in southern Italy. Piraino is the head of a Mediterranean-wide project to track the rise in the number of jellyfish as global warming and overfishing clear the way for them to prosper.

"Citizen scientists" armed with smartphones and a special app are now tracking them along thousands of miles of Mediterranean coastline. Population growth has continued over the four years of the project, and appears to be part of a global phenomenon, with most coastal areas studied around the world also reporting a rise in numbers."

Giles Tremlett reports for the Guardian June 3, 2013.


"UN Warns of Global Shift 'From a Fish to a Jellyfish Ocean'" (Environment News Service)

Source: Guardian, 06/04/2013